A New Chapter: Official Live-Action Trailer


Elex and Skybound are excited to announce a new chapter of their hit mobile game, The Walking Dead: Survivors, with a pulse pounding live action trailer. Survivors puts the player in the heart of the action of their favorite series with an entertaining blend of strategy and cooperation. A strong team is the best defense against the ruthless undead.

In a world ravaged by Walkers and humans alike, The Walking Dead: Survivors tests players’ skills in various areas of survival including building, defense, and resource management. This MMO, PvP experience allows players to create community bonds to fight for survival and live another day. In this vast world that recreates iconic locations from The Walking Dead, players can create and fortify settlements, recruit other survivors, and forge a strategy to fend off the incoming hordes.


As fans prepare for the final season of the series, The Walking Dead: Survivors invites players to be a part of the terrifying action. Play as fan favorite characters including Rick, Glenn, Negan, Michonne, and Ezekiel. Each survivor has their own unique abilities that can be upgraded to further strengthen the team.

Strategy is vital in the Survivor Chemistry mode, where players can build alliances and put them to the test. The stronger the team, the greater the rewards! Or try the Settlement Siege mode, which allows players to showcase their skills in building and defense.


● Action packed MMO, PvP experience

● Play as iconic characters from The Walking Dead franchise, upgrading their skills as users progress through the game

● Discover and explore exciting and terrifying locations from the world of The Walking Dead

● Use strategy to defeat enemies by creating battle plans, building and fortifying settlements, gathering resources, and recruiting new players

● Create unbeatable team ups with the Survivor Chemistry mode, with endless combinations of characters

● Become a part of The Walking Dead: Survivors community to connect and share stories with like minded players

Players can create their own story of survival by Downloading The Walking Dead: Survivors from the app store for free on their mobile device. To stay up to date on the latest events The Walking Dead: Survivors follow the game’s official Facebook and Group or Twitter or meet other fans by joining the official Discord.


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