1.5 million registered users

By Gavin Sheehan

Game publisher Elex has today announced the official release date for The Walking Dead: Survivors on iOS and Android this morning. Pulling from the Skybound comics and bringing fan-favorite characters to life in this new mobile strategy title, the game will officially come out sooner than expected as it will drop on April 12th, 2021. So far the game has had 1.5 million registered users as you'll be able to play over 80 characters from the iconic zombie series, some of whom have only been in the comic. We have more info on the game itself below as we wait for it to come out next week.

Players will be tasked with building their best town and armies through assigning tasks, building strategic battle plans, building and expanding their bases by exploring new territories. Players must think carefully about the strategy such as what buildings they construct, how they fortify their fences from hordes of walkers and players, which characters they promote in battle, and how they progress their character abilities. Fan-favorite Survivors from the Skybound/Image comics will be playable at launch, each with their own unique roles. Survivors are grouped into two categories as Combat or Development. Players can use these characters to fortify their town against other players and hordes of walkers or explore beyond the barrier and engage in combat against enemies. Some examples of Survivors are:

    ● Rick – A Combat Survivor focused on fighting off walkers. He wields a rifle, an axe and his skills increase damage.

    ● Glen – A Combat Survivor focused on defense. He wields a pistol and his skill increases defense.

    ● Beta – A Combat Survivor focused on offense. He wields two swords and his skills trigger extra damage done and increased attack.

    ● Maggie – A Development Survivor who focuses on production. She wields a pistol and her skills increase production rate and speeds.

    ● Hershel – A Development Survivor who is a medic. He wields a rifle and he increases Healing Speed and hospital capacity while reducing healing cost.


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