V2.0.0 Update Highlights

In a world of survival, progress never ends. Progress and development are one of the foundations of The Walking Dead: Survivors. With constant feedback and support from our communities, The Walking Dead: Survivors is on a continuous path of advancement. Here are some highlights of our most recent update:

1. Season 2 will be live in all eligible regions on December 2nd. Season 2 will include:

- A 4 Region struggle for survival and domination on a new map;

- New community buildings;

- New challenges;

- An ultimate battle with Caroline Harper for survival and conquest.

2. Cross Regional Survival Challenge:

- Conditions: Regions will be placed in groups. Once two or more regions from the same group reach 28 days or more in Region age, they will be placed in Cross-Regional Survival Challenges. Other regions from the same group will join Cross Regional Survival Challenge once their Region has aged more than 28 days.

- Cross Regional Challenge will be conducted in the same manner as the regular survival challenge. Events will begin at 0:00 UTC every day. 6 rounds of events will commence daily. Each round will last 4 hours. 

- A new Survivor will be available from the Cross Region Survival Challenges. Combat Survivor Pamela will be available as a reward during the Cross-Region Survival Challenges. 

3. Andrea’s Training:

- Train your sharpshooting skills with Andrea to earn up to 9 rewards.

- During each round of training a prize pool will be available. You can choose 9 rewards from the prize pool. Each reward will then be randomly hidden in different cans. 

- Refresh the prize pool as many times as you please. 

- To shoot the cans, you will require shooting tickets. Each shot will consume one or more shooting tickets. The more shots you take, the more tickets you will need to keep firing. 

- Each time you fire, you have a chance to win a reward. Each time you hit a can; you can claim your prize.

4. Return to the battlefield.

- Players who have not logged into the game for more than 14 days and have a townhall over level 8, will have access to special events. These events will help them to catch up and make up for the lost time.

- Veteran Login: Log in for 7 days to claim daily rewards.

- Catch-up event: Complete daily tasks to earn great rewards to help you catch up. 

- Welcome back packs: Exclusive Special deals only for returning players. Purchases are limited each day and are only available for 7 days.

- New Flair: New Interface to teach the returning players about what is Season 2 and its amazing rewards!

With many exciting features approaching in Season 2, are you ready? Explore The Walking Dead: Survivors today to experience battles against the living and the dead in a universe that is on the path of exponential growth. 

Best Regards,

TWD: S Community Team

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