Twitter: Survival Kit challenge

Event introduction

Event contentDo you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Create and share your own survival kit for a chance to win an IPhone 12 and many more great prizes!

Event time:May 20th – May 27th 23:59 PST

How to enter:During the event period, tweet a video/picture/drawing of your Survival Kit of choice with a short description as to why you chose these items. Participants must use the #SurvivalKitChallenge on their Twitter posts as well as tag our official account @TWD__Survivors.

Rewarding rules

There are 3 ways of winning a reward in this event:

1. The event organizer will select the most creative submission and award the "Most Creative Prize"

2. 50 winners will be chosen based on number of Retweets that will receive "Ranking Rewards"

 (Note: If there is a tie in the number of Retweets, then the winner will be chosen according to the number of likes)

3. The event organizer will randomly select 250 participants that will receive "Random Rewards"

Rewards Description:

1. Most creative prize

IPhone 12 (256G) + Mini Rick Figurine + In-game redeem code (Value: $100)

2. Ranking rewards

RT 1-10: Professional Survival Kit + TWD Hat + In-game redeem code (Value: $100)

RT 11-50: Mini Survival Kit + TWD Hat + In-game redeem code (Value: $50)

3. Random rewards

Randomly 50: TWD T-shirt + In-game redeem code (Value: $10)

Randomly 200: In-game redeem code (Value: $10)


1. In-game Redeem Codes Details

In-game redeem code (Value: $100) = 5,000 * rubies + 20 * Long-Range Transmissions + 50 * Short-Range Transmission

In-game redeem code (Value: $50) = 2,000 * rubies + 10 * Long-Range Transmissions + 30 * Short-Range Transmission

In-game redeem code (Value: $10) = 1,000 * rubies + 2 * Long-Range Transmissions


1. In game redeem codes will expire after June 30th. Please make sure to use your code in time. (for more information on how to use your redeem code please follow the instructions in this link: Gift Code Instruction); once the code has expired, new codes will not be sent out.

2. Mini Rick,TWD Hat and TWD T-shirt are all purchased from Skybound's Official Store. If there is not enough inventory at the time, winners will receive an equivalent value reward in in-game rubies.

Event declaration

1.   Eligibility:Each twitter account can only participate once. All twitter members can participate in the event, except that the employees, officers, and/or representatives of ELEX are not allowed to participate in the event.

2.   Winners list: Winners list will be published on June 3rd (PST) ,after this date you can visit the TWD: S official website ( to view the complete winners list.

Important Notes: 

1) ELEX staff will contact the winners privately via Twitter private message within 10 working days after the official announcement of the winners; winners will need to provide certain official information (including but not limited to): Name, phone number, email address, delivery address, zip code, etc.), within 5 working days after being contacted by ELEX staff. If there is no reply within 5 working days, your reward will be forfeited.

2) For winners from non-U.S. regions, due to COVID-19 related delivery issues, we unfortunately cannot send you physical rewards, we will award in-game rewards (rubies) of the same value as the physical rewards as a compensation.

3) For winners within the United States, ELEX staff will use the information provided by the winner to purchase the corresponding prize and bear the cost of the product and shipping. However, if the winner fails to receive the prize due to the following circumstances, event staff will not be held responsible:

a) Any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by entrants, printing, typographical, technical or other errors

b) Unable to deliver due to epidemic, earthquake, tsunami, armed conflict or other similar issues;

c) The location of the winner does not support the designated express delivery of the goods;

d) Other non-official causes.

3.   All participating works (videos/photos/pictures/comics/Meme, etc.) must be original. If the infringer is reported by others, the participant will be disqualified and his/her reward will be forfeited.

4.   ELEX reserves the right to share or re-create submitted material for promotion purposes.

5.   Entrant's Personal Information: The personal information collected will only be used the purpose of reward delivery for this event (such as purchasing goods and distribution, etc.), not for any other commercial purposes and will not be shared to third parties.

6.   In the event that the prize contains special props that could be designated as restricted items by applicable laws in your region, you shall guarantee that you will carry and use these items at the age, occasion and range allowed by local laws.Minors must be accompanied by an adult to use them. Moreover, ELEX and the seller of the goods are not responsible for any circumstances caused by the prize itself and your use of the prize. 

7.   The final interpretation rights of this event belong to the ELEX.

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In addition: 

Make sure to participate in our #TWDSurvivalChallenge on Tik Tok from May 21st to 23rd! Challenge your friends to see how long they can stay alive and get the chance to win an iPhone and many other great prizes! For more details: Tik Tok #TWDSurvivalChallenge

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